Questions for Luna Development

I have sent an email to Micheal LoPatriello, CEO of Luna Development, Canada.
Luna Development is introducing QR Codes into Canada, click here to see a previous post about it.

I have asked Micheal two questions.

  1. How is the introduction of QR Codes going in Canada at present?
  2. Are QR Codes really a reality for western countries?

I’ll post again when I hear back.


QR’s in the US

Here is an article written by US Marketer Allen Stern, talking about why QR Codes should be introduced into mainstream America. Stern feels that they have limitless potential for business, and urges America to catch up with Japan.

Link –

At the moment people are putting QR Codes onto business cards, but Stern talks about QR Codes being able to replace business cards altogether. A QR Code could be printed on a mobile phone. so with one quick scan, a persons entire contact details are instantly saved into your mobile phone.

The article also covers a similar idea to QR Codes called Cue Cats.
Cue Cats worked in a similar way to QR Codes, but required the user to purchase a separate code scanner to scan codes. This proved impractical, due to people having to purchase another piece of technology that only served one purpose.  The drawback with the Cue Cat was that it was a “tethered” device — meaning the user could only scan barcodes while seated in front of their personal computer. The customer had no mobility and could not take the device with them.

With QR Codes, the hardware is something most people already have – a mobile phone, and Japanese phone manufacturers are now loading QR Code software in their phones before they reach the customer.

“…the QR codes will work from a marketing perspective because it allows people to pull ads that they are interested in rather than push advertising that is used today. See that ad for Coke? Scan the code and it downloads the Coke ringtone. Even something as simple as replacing the store shopper cards could be handled with QR codes. Teenagers will eat this technology up.”

QR Code blog


Interesting blog about QR Codes.
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