Luna’s QR Code Generator

I have been looking at Luna Development’s QR site  It has a really great QR code generator which gives you alot more options on how you want your code to be read.  I was able to save more information when taking contact information from a code made on this site. 

Another really great feature is being able to make a QR code to save a web address to your favourites.  This way someone can get your site address and have easy access to it from their favourites, allowing them to visit the site whenever and as often as they like. 

The Luna generator in my opinion is alot better than the one I had previously been using  It has more options in terms of how your code will be read by a mobile phone.



4 Responses

  1. I guess you probably haven’t checked out QuickMark’s online generator: even more options available.

  2. Thanks Jason, I checked out the Quickmarks generator, but without much joy I’m afraid.

    When I filled in all my information for a “V Card”, it couldn’t generate a code because it claimed there was too much data. I only filled out the fields that were available, so I found it a bit odd that it wasn’t capable of what it seems it was designed to do.

    Also when I was looking for reader software I tried Quickmark. I matched up the software to my mobile, downloaded it but it didn’t work.

  3. I think QuickMark’s website limits the barcode size one is able to generate because gigantic barcodes are pretty much useless in most scenarios (a business card only has so much room). What is your phone model? It works just fine on my HTC P3600 device.

  4. My mobile is an HTC Touch. I’m not sure why it didn’t work, the software appeared in the programme menu but I could not get it to work at all.

    As for the code size, it wasn’t so much the size but the content that was the problem. Granted, the more info that is generated into a code the bigger it gets, but it was not capable of generating it at any size. Maybe there shouldn’t be so many options, or limit the number of characters for each section of the v-card, maybe this would allow the code to be generated.

    I am looking at codes from a design and marketing prospective. The sky is the limit for how these codes can be used. Quite exciting!

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