Gucci on board with QR Codes

Gucci Joy QR Code

Below is an article about Gucci using QR Codes in their marketing campaign for the Gucci Joy range.  Its great how they have used the code to direct people to their site where they can download wallpaper, icons etc for their mobile phone whilst also seeing the new range.  The site that you are directed to is also a mobile phone site so it is very easy to navigate around from a mobile phone. 

Gucci Launches New Web Portal

Cell phone users in Japan have first access
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

(NEW YORK)Gucci has a new way of distinguishing itself from designers like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani who have recently developed cell phones. Earlier this week, the fashion house launched its first-ever mobile phone Web site exclusively in Japan, where cell phones trump computers as the preferred mode to surf the Internet and email. On, users take a picture of the high-tech code, designed to look like a Gucci Joy handbag, which then links the user directly to the URL.

The QR codes, similar to the bar codes used in supermarkets, can be found either on the Gucci Joy advertising pages of Japanese magazines or on Gucci Joy outdoor advertising. When the picture has been taken and sent, the user is then directed to the Web site, where, once registered, the user can download customized Gucci icons that can be used as mobile phone wallpaper or to customize the phone function icons.


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