Questions for Luna Development

I have sent an email to Micheal LoPatriello, CEO of Luna Development, Canada.
Luna Development is introducing QR Codes into Canada, click here to see a previous post about it.

I have asked Micheal two questions.

  1. How is the introduction of QR Codes going in Canada at present?
  2. Are QR Codes really a reality for western countries?

I’ll post again when I hear back.


McDonalds TV Advertisment

This is a Japanese advertisement for McDonalds, and shows how they display nutritional information in QR Code form. The QR Code takes up less space on the packaging, and makes the full nutritional information easily accessible.

Demonstration of Preinstalled QR Code Software

This clip shows what preinstalled software looks like, and how it easily it works.

Downloading QR Reader Software – My Experience


I now have a new smart phone, the Okta Touch by Telecom.
I decided to search for QR Reader software to download and it was so easy.  I tried a couple of sites and checked the lists of compatible handsets, it was only the third site that I visited that I found the right software.

It literally only took a couple of minutes and it was all ready to go.

After testing it a few times with perfect results, I tried generating my own codes with URL Addresses, text messages and contact details.
It’s awesome.

With the research I have done into QR Codes there was one thing that kept being repeated, “Its easy!” I kept thinking, I hope it is as easy as it seems and now I know for myself that it is.

QR Codes Explained

If you have arrived here from somewhere else on the internet, and you are unsure about what QR Codes are, click here to navigate your way to a page that should explain the basics.

Also, feel free to leave a comment anywhere you like.

Facebook/QR Code T Shirt

Facebook is now using QR Codes.


Scanning this T shirt with your phone will allow you to add the wearer to your Facebook friends.

Click here to see the Facebook page where you can order QR Code “Add To Friends Gear”.


While looking for images of New York buildings on Flickr, I stumbled across these images.

New York Times Building 

East Village 

Akaalias is taking hundreds of photos of QR Codes that are involved in a project called “Semapedia”.

In the same way you can give someone a link online (in a website, blog or email), Semapedia is creating “physical hyperlinks”, to link real world things to online locations.
Using the QR Codes shown in the above photos will lead the user to the appropriate Wikipedia page, so you can look at the New York Times building while accessing information about it.

The project is open to anyone to add to, simply by making a QR Code, and placing it in the real world.
Hover your mouse over or click on the images above to see what the QR code user is directed to.

Click here for the Semapedia home page, and here to see the Semapedia project on a Google Maps/Flickr mashup.